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 Developing a positive approach to stress

        Integrating mindfulness

Communicating effectively and peacefully

                 Increasing self-regard

          Handling mistakes and regret      


You will gain skills for: 

You will leave with the tools to transport that tranquility and beauty into your daily life!

Do you find yourself wishing you could slow the pace of life? 

Are you frustrated by the patterns in your relationships?

Do you tend to be hard on yourself?

If so, we have just the retreat for you! ​

​  We invite you to make a commitment to

   yourself now, rather than letting months

   or years go by without refining these

   impactful areas of your life. 

Retreat Dates: September 18-23, 2016

Give yourself the Gift of a Shift!

Paige Zarganis Williar, M.Ed. is a coach, trainer and progressive teacher who helps people to thrive using a positive, strength-based approach. As a learning specialist, she applies her knowledge of neuroscience in refining tools for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Paige incorporates a variety of modalities and themes, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. 

In this tranquil setting,  you will learn strategies to:

          increase joy,

                                 enhance relaxation,

                                                                         enrich your relationships

and deepen respect and understanding of yourself and others.